Security Alert: Malware "Dyreza"

A malware “Dyreza” has been recently found spreading on customers’ computers and this malware is triggered when customer access banking websites. This malware is spread through phishing emails with malicious attachment. When the said malicious attachment is opened, the malware infects the customers’ computers or devices. Once customers’ computers or devices are infected, the malware will attempt to steal the customers’ login and authorization credentials (such as User ID, Password, One Time Password) by altering the flow of UOB website. After the first login page, it will show a message “We are currently processing your information, please wait….” Which does not exist in legitimate UOB website.

Symptoms that your computer could possibly be infected with Malware
  • Prompt to input your login credential multiple times even if your supplied information is correct.
  • Sudden slowness in your computer and/or requests to wait while the system is processing for an extended time.
  • Unusual login/authorization procedures and/or re-direct to unfamiliar website.

  • How can I protect against Malware?
  • Always protect your computer by using an anti-virus/anti-malware software and keep it updated with the latest anti-virus. Scan your computer regularly.
  • Do not download or open attachments in suspicious emails.
  • Never reply to unsolicited emails.
  • Avoid accessing unknown and unsecured websites.
  • If you suspect that your computer has been infected by malware, please scan your computer with the latest anti-virus/ant-malware software and refrain from using banking websites until your computer is cleaned.
  • Check your last login and transaction history regularly for abnormal transactions.

  • UOB would like to assure you that our internet banking systems are secure. Please contact UOB hotline 400-166-6388 immediately, if you notice unknown transactions appearing in your account.