Security Alert: Vulnerability of Screen-recording

Recently, a vulnerability of screen-recording was uncovered for Android5.0 (or above) OS (Vulnerability No.: CVE-2015-3878). The malware may allow attackers bypassing an intended screen-recording warning feature and obtain sensitive screen-snapshot information via a crafted application

A gentle reminder from UOB China:
1. UOB China Mobile Banking doesn’t have any pop-ups, in case there is pop-up in the course of process, please be vigilant. And do not click it unless you can determine the source.
2. Please update the mobile OS, and only download the application software from the official channel offered by UOB China.
3. Use anti-virus or anti-malicious software tools to protect your mobile, ensure it is the latest version. And periodically scans your cell phone by the anti-virus or anti-malware tools.
4. If you suspect that your mobile has been infected with malware, scan your mobile by using the latest version of the anti-virus or anti-malware tools. Please avoid using the Internet or mobile banking before cleared.

If you find that any unknown transaction with your account, please contact UOB China hotline 400-166-6388 immediately.